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With an cutting edge, visible technique the Eyewitness go back and forth 15-Minute language courses are the proper instruments for those that have to examine a language speedy.

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2 Match and repeat Match the numbered locations to the words in the panel. 1 el ayuntamiento el ahyoontamyaintoh church 4 2 el puente el pwentay downtown 3 3 el centro el thentroh 4 la iglesia 1 town hall lah eegleseeah 5 la plaza lah plathah 6 el aparcamiento el aparkamyaintoh 7 la biblioteca lah bibleeotekah 2 bridge 8 el museo el moosayoh 3 Words to remember Familiarize yourself with these words and test yourself using the cover flap. 14): “soy inglés” (I am English); “es vegetariano” (he is vegetarian).

Kwandoh esta leebray When are you free? El martes por la tarde. el martes por lah tarday Say: Tuesday afternoon. A mí me va bien. ah mee may bah byen ¿A qué hora? ah kay orah That’s good for me. Ask: At what time? A las cuatro, si a usted le va bien. Sí, me va bien. see, may bah byen ah las kwatroh, see ah oosted le bah byen At four o’clock, if that’s good for you. Say: Yes, it’s good for me. Muy bien. ¿A qué hora? A las tres, pero llego un poco tarde. No se preocupe. Tome asiento, por favor. mwee byen.

What time do you want breakfast? ah kay orah kyairay el desah-yoonoh La reunión es a mediodía. lah reh-oonyon es ah maydyodee-ah The meeting is at noon. M A K I N G A R R A N G E M E NT S 4 Words to remember: higher numbers To say 21 you use veinti and add uno (one): veintiuno. Successive numbers are created in the same way—for example, veintidós (22), veintitrés (23), and so on. After 30, link the numbers with y (and): treinta y uno (31), cuarenta y cinco (45), sesenta y seis (66). eleven once onthay twelve doce dothay thirteen trece trethay fourteen catorce katorthay fifteen quince keenthay sixteen dieciséis deeaytheeseyees Note the special forms used for 500, 700, and 900: quinientos, setecientos, and novecientos.

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