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By Edmund P. Cueva, Shannon N. Byrne

ISBN-10: 1444336029

ISBN-13: 9781444336023

This significant other addresses an issue of continuous modern relevance, either cultural and literary.

  • Offers either a wide-ranging exploration of the classical novel of antiquity and a wealth of shut literary analysis
  • Brings jointly the main up to date overseas scholarship at the historic novel, together with clean new educational voices
  • Includes targeted chapters on person classical authors, akin to Petronius, Xenophon and Apuleius, in addition to a wide-ranging thematic analysis
  • Addresses confusing questions bearing on authorial expression and readership of the traditional novel form
  • Provides an entire advent to a style with a emerging profile

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The Literary Texture It was until quite recently assumed that Chariton presented an unsophisticated simplicity tailored to a very simple and undemanding readership. That is now no longer tenable as a point of view: the texture of quotation and allusion is substantial (Hunter Chariton 17 1994, 1056–1071 passim) without being stiflingly learned. Homeric quotations are used as an epicizing feature in their own right, though that in itself might be dismissed as the lowest common denominator of literary currency.

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Daphnis and Chloe, despite its small scale, accomplishes grand aims, a testimony to Eros’ power and to a utopian vision of a reconstructed society that touches the present. Most notably, Leucippe and Clitophon details the complex process through which the love of Clitophon and Leucippe matures. Longus likewise explicitly makes the erotic maturation from childish innocence to a married and mated couple the central plot development, with nearly all other elements serving that end (Zeitlin 1990). Accordingly, Daphnis and Chloe provides impressive evidence for what Greco-Roman culture thought about desire, its pleasures and obstacles, as well as the nature of sexual identity and the relations between the sexes in their social contexts.

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